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How the Afterglow of Modern Phoenix Saved a Bunny

April 26, 2011

Modern Phoenix Week was great! There were so many levels such as the homes, history, design, education, but what really made it were the people. With all those people your bound to make connections. There was a Senior singles meetup group that car pooled, the discovery of friends on the tour, and connections made with once strangers who have become friends. The after party featured a food truck called Beet StrEAT serving tasty food, that happened to be vegetarian.Where I learned that several new friends were vegetarian.

Welcome Diner, Phoenix, Ariz

Fast forward to a new trend of POP Up restaurants; where a local eatery is temporarily located. Welcome Diner is such a place now with Chef Peyton

Easter menu created by Peyton Curry April, 2011 - Notice lack of meat?

Diner has 9 seats inside and we had 9. There were nine dishes so you do the math. We were able to walk in and order one (sometimes two) of everything, including luscious deserts. Those in the know will say that we were sitting at the chefs table and we were able to sample a few non menu items and taste components of some dishes like the pickled raisins. YUM! So a handful of wayward folks became fast friends through sharing that common food experience and no Bunny was harmed in this Easter celebration.

The group after a great meal at Welcome Diner, Phoenix, Ariz

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